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Category: Wheelchair Seating & Positioning

Designed for Equalization and Positioning to Maximize Pressure Relief and Comfort.

Features and Benefits:

Comfort Cushion Plus™ Progressive Support Technology foam core

  • Anatomically contoured to help distribute pressure and provide pelvic stability
  • Features deep leg contours which help prevent hip rotation
  • Deeply contoured seating zone acts to provide an adequate degree of anti-thrust

Comfort Cushion Plus™ Bladder System

  • Lightweight pressure reduction material that performs better than conventional fluids, gels or silicone materials and is 70% lighter
  • Ideal for post-surgical rehab patients because it reduces pressure, is very comfortable and is safe during transfers
  • Provides excellent pressure-reducing characteristics in the ischial and coccyx areas as well as a modest degree of postioning
  • Poly-Lite™ remains stable and unchanged even in extreme environmental conditions and is easy to clean and maintain

Comfort Cushion Plus™ Shear Control Cover

  • Friction-free two-way stretch polyester knit that dries quickly and resists stains
  • Specially laminated to a fluid-proof urethane inner-liner that provides incontinence protection
  • Shear reduction and control is achieved as the cover moves with the patient's normal postioning adjustments
  • Tough non-skid vinyl base, Velcro® brand strips for added safety, front webbing handle, mid-panel zipper

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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions : 18 x 16 x 3 18 x 16 X 2

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